Dry Clean Tips
Often can the dry cleaning injury clothes?

The answer is cannot, frequently the dry cleaning may lengthen the clothing the life. Because on clothes dust (for irregular surface) the dirt can permeate the textile fiber, but permeates sand and stone can (because cloth be gauze which is composed by textile fiber weaves) like the sandpaper same damage clothes textile fiber, simultaneously on clothes dirt is also easy to direct the insect to nip the eclipse.


Can the dry cleaning clothing the synaeresis?

Generally speaking is cannot, if the dry cleaning process is normal suitable, the clothing should not meet the synaeresis. (General synaeresis scope smaller can directly put on by us time clothes opens once more is not easier to realize)

Can the dry cleaning clothing have the flavor or the residuum?

If is dry very specialized fulfills duty the distillation use suitable dry-cleaning solvent, simultaneously also defers to the right dry cleaning operational procedure, after the dry cleaning clothing should not any flavor or the residuum.


Why stink still remain on the towel after dry cleaning , especially those colored towel product? Since the towel product contains oil or aroma substances, therefore only 80% of the stink could be rinsed off by washing, and discharge oil smell when heated while drying by hot air. The best solution is to add little amount of vinegar concentrate during the washing process and use cold air-dry after hot air-dried to release the odour.